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Property Management

Reeves Rentals Property Management Company

Reeves Realty is a family-owned Property Management Company, and we have happily served the Mobile area of Alabama for over 51years now. We are a full-service company, which can provide all the necessary tools and expertise to get the job done. We specialize in single-family homes, condominiums, and Homeowner Associations. Our office is open five days a week as well as after-hours by appointment, and our location is 6001 Grelot Road (at the corner of Knollwood and Grelot).

Summary of Services & Fees

In the marketing and advertising area, we make use of dozens of websites to ensure that your property receives the broadest attention possible, and reaches the largest audience. We make sure your property is listed on the most popular sites, such as Trulia, Zillow, and of course, our own website. We even cooperate with other real estate firms which can show the property and contribute to the sales effort. We have a multiple listing service which expands the reach of advertising, and we even use yard signs as a means of spreading the word about your property.

Processing Rental Applications

All rental applications we receive are subject to thorough scrutiny and checking, so headaches can be avoided later on. We check the applicant’s credit report, criminal background report, employment history, rental history, and income verification, so that you can be sure candidates are legitimate, and do not fall into an undesirable category.

We prepare lease documents, to remove some of the paperwork burden of property management, and we perform move-in/move-out inspections, to make sure your property is in an expected state before and after tenancy. This ensures that your property is in good condition before anyone takes occupancy of the premises, and that it’s in that same good condition when the period of occupancy has been terminated.

Management of Property

The actual management of your property can take in a great many activities, and our policy is to handle all those for you in a manner which ensures your property is well-maintained, and suffers no degradation on our watch. To that purpose, we guarantee that inspections of the premises will be performed before and after tenants use the property.

We manage the collection of security deposits and ensure that they are deposited in an approved State of Alabama bank account, and we collect monthly rents on your behalf, either online or in person. An owner’s operating fund will be setup for you, so that these monthly rental fees can be deposited securely.

Maintenance requests will be collected and responded to in a prioritized and timely manner, so that tenants are satisfied with the response, and so the property receives any necessary repairs quickly. In the event that outside expertise is necessary for repairs, we will inform the owner, and then monitor all such repairs to ensure that maximum professionalism is provided in the process. All legitimate and necessary repairs will be managed from the operating funds account, and the owner will be kept apprised of these repairs.

At the conclusion of each month, an owner’s statement will be prepared and forwarded, with all relevant information detailed. At the end of the calendar year, tax reporting forms will also be prepared and forwarded to the owner, so they can be filed at the appropriate time as part of the owner’s filing requirements.


Our fees for ongoing monthly managementĀ  is 10% of gross monthly rent or $100 monthly minimum, whichever is greater. We do not charge any management fees until a paying tenant has taken occupancy of a rental unit. Lease renewal fees are $100 per year, and include a re-inspection of the premises, along with preparation of all required lease renewal paperwork.