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Residential Property Management

Mobile, Alabama Residential Property Management Experts

Reeves Realty manages over 400 single family homes, town-homes, and condominiums in the Mobile, Alabama area. We also manage Homeowners’ Associations. We started 51 years ago with a handful of clients, determined to be the best property management company in Mobile, Alabama. And though we’ve grown a lot, Reeves is still dedicated to giving every client the same excellent management service. John Reeves has over 45 years experience.

We know the Mobile, Alabama rental property market.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you find qualified tenants, collect rent, and work to protect the value of your rental property through proper maintenance. Reeves application process includes credit history, employment history and rental history, coordinate eviction proceedings – if needed, and we do a thorough documented inspection of your property prior to every lease renewal and move-in and move-out. We use current technology to help you keep accurate, detailed financial records and issue monthly and year-end statements.

Let’s face it: having a vacant property costs you money. Not only are you not receiving an income from that property, but you are still paying real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. A vacant and unmanaged property is money out of YOUR wallet. A vacant, unmanaged property is also a magnet for all sorts of undesirable conditions: vandals and vagrants, further decay of the property, infestations of vermin and insects, and an overall drop in the property value of YOUR investment. Even finding the time to show the property to potential tenants can be problematic for many people. Maybe you’ve tried other property management companies with little or NO success. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Reeves Rentals Property Management Services

The web-enabled technology used by Reeves Rentals ensures that information is managed in the most efficient manner, and that the status of all properties is known and verified at all times. In the area of leasing, we advertise on dozens of websites, we coordinate inquiries, and we screen tenants thoroughly relative to their income, credit, criminal background, drug usage, eviction history, possible sex-offender history, and previous landlord references. We also negotiate actual leasing terms, and conduct move-in inspections to verify the status of units prior to occupancy.

We prepare all accounting statements monthly, in a comprehensive and professional manner, so the owner has full awareness of all financial issues impacting the properties. At year’s end, we also prepare tax statements which can be used to satisfy the owner’s filing requirements. Any maintenance relating to utility invoices or receipts are included in the monthly statements, so the owner has a full understanding of monthly costs. Proceeds are delivered to the owner either by mail or by direct bank deposit, at the owner’s option. Reeves Realty Inc. is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for business.

Taking Care of Your Property, Your Investment

Any maintenance which must be carried out at a property is handled immediately, and in the most cost-effective manner, either by hired maintenance personnel, or by trusted private contractors. All work is prioritized by urgency and in the order received, and the owner is kept fully informed as to the nature of these repairs, as well as their resolution.

Tenant management is handled with the utmost discretion by Reeves Rentals, and because we stay abreast of all landlord/tenant laws and regulations, we make sure to manage this area carefully and within legal guidelines. If situations develop where incidents must be handled or evictions are necessary, the owner will be kept informed, and all relevant regulations will be complied with.

Reeves Rentals takes a ‘hands-on’ approach to property management, keeping aware of property conditions at all times, and intervening when necessary to ensure that the property remains in proper condition. Periodic inspections are carried out as needed, and at move-in/move-out times, accompanying tenant activity.

Asset Management Services

The style of management provided by Reeves Rentals Inc. is very attractive to clients who desire close supervision of their property, and who don’t want to put up with nonsense from tenants. We are experts in assembling the right kind of management team to oversee your property, in finding and using reliable maintenance contractors, and in establishing the kinds of policies which ensure your property will remain in great condition, and that tenants will not degrade individual rental units.

We advance your asset management initiatives by providing you with real-time economic research of local markets, so that you can accurately asses the yield potential of your property, both for the short term and for the longer term. We make it a point to maintain a high level of communication with owners, so you don’t have to wonder what’s happening with your property. You can expect to be provided with copies of all relevant documents and photographic updates of the property periodically.

In addition to providing owners with all standard business documents, we offer financial analysis of those documents, as well as an analysis of market trends and indicators. Balance sheets, profit & loss statements, cash flow, rent rolls, and tax documents are all provided to you on a timely basis, to keep you fully apprised of property financial status.

Reeves Realty is here to help you finally get a return on your investment.

We provide everything you need. We do the grunt work:

  • Place ads for the property in the appropriate media
  • Create flyers and feature sheets
  • Post your listing(s) on our website
  • Promote your property via our staff of trained agents
  • Place on dozens of top rated websites.
  • Office is open five days a week

Once we have identified a potential tenant, we will do all the work for that as well:

  • Credit check
  • Rental history check
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal background check
  • Review any previous evictions
  • Prepare the lease, addendums and tenant handbook
  • Coordinate the lease signing
  • Collect Rent
  • Handle maintenance requests 24/7
  • Provide full inspections
  • Provide comprehensive financial data
  • And when/if necessary, handle evictions

Reeves Realty can help you make your rental property a real asset.

Reeves Realty is your one-stop shop for all of the residential property management you require to starting making money from your investments. So don’t get frustrated — just call Reeves Realty at (251) 661-4925 and relax! We’ll take care of the rest.